Top Hires to Take Your Web Based Project to the Next Level

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At its surface, the internet is simple, but once you dive deeper, you realize how complex it can be. Coding, graphics, algorithms, design, programming — it all must come together seamlessly if you want your next web-based project to truly shine. However, if you don’t have the right team behind you, it might end up being a complete flop. If you’re about to launch a web-based project, whether it’s for your personal business or the company you work for, the following are the team members you simply can’t do without.

Web Designer

Sure, you can use a template to create a basic website, but it’s just that: basic. Your web-based project might be completely unrelated to your website, but guess where one of the places you’ll be launching it from is: your website. Oftentimes, you’re losing credibility due to the fact that your website is cluttered, disorganized, offers poor navigation, and comes packaged with stock images we all instantly recognize. A web designer is a good asset to bring on board if you’re looking for responsive web design as well, meaning better online and offline browsing, faster loading speeds, and less maintenance. The best part is that it’s easy to find web designers who meet your needs and budget, though, as Upwork explains, ensure they have plenty of experience in web fundamentals and UI and UX design and can work effectively with writers, developers, and graphic designers.

Graphic Designer

Going back to that basic concept discussed earlier, you can use one of the many free logo and graphics tools online, but again, it’s hard to get the clean, crisp, professional, and personalized design you’re after. Besides, graphic designers do more than just logos — they can help with design as it pertains to your branding, advertising, social media, and website.

Content Marketing

What good is putting in the time and effort to launch a web project if you aren’t at the forefront in the eyes of current and potential customers? Content marketing is essential if you want to position yourself at the front of the pack, increase brand visibility, awareness, and recognition; build credibility, increase communication via social media; and create traffic. In other words, your web project shouldn’t be the only content you’re creating, and most certainly not the last if you want to keep that positive momentum going.

However, you should put content marketers to the test before you hire. Remember, content marketing is about more than just blog posts. Test their multimedia skills, especially as far as video goes, as the amount of time we spend watching videos each day has increased drastically. Speaking of video content, you want to make sure it is accessible to everyone, so think about adding transcripts for the hearing impaired or those who can’t watch with the volume on. If you aren’t sure how to do it, there are automatic transcription services available that charge as little as 10 cents a minute. You will want to make sure the transcripts and video are compliant with both the FCC and ADA.

Marketing Expert

While a content marketer certainly helps your marketing efforts, they more so generate content. A marketing expert, whether an individual or a firm, puts all the pieces together, including your content, brand, outreach strategies, and delivery, as well as gauge the effectiveness of your campaign to make necessary tweaks. As far as your web-based project, they can help you take it from start to finish to ensure it gets the attention (and praise) it deserves, as well as results.

There are several professionals out there who can help you with your web-based projects. Think about what it is you need to be done, in addition to whether this is something you’d like to hire part or full-time. Once you have the right team together, you can hit the ground running.

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