How To Build A Website In Less Than 10 Minutes

I remember when I decided to set up my first website. It was for my band, The Effie Afton and […]

Web Designer?


Web Designer? Web Developer? Website Builder?

Building a website, especially for the first time, can be a pretty overwhelming task. A lot of terms are thrown around including Web Designer, Web Developer, and Website builder. In this article, I hope to help clarify what these are and the benefits for each.

Why Aren't People Visiting My Site?


Why Aren’t People Visiting My Website?

Do you ever feel like your website is a ghost town? Do you wonder why no one is visiting your […]

Sticky Nav


How to Create a Simple Sticky Nav using jQuery

Sticky navs are becoming more and more popular as one page websites are being used more and more. To create […]

Ron Swanson Quote Generator


Ron Swanson Quote Generator

Soooo lately I’ve been going through the FreeCodeCamp lessons to further develop my skills. Toward the beginning, I was pretty […]

Citrus Framework


Citrus Framework

    Lately I’ve been working on a framework called Citrus. At this point, it isn’t much more than a […]

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